Hybrid Beamforming for Multi User Massive MIMO Systems

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Abdirahman Abdikarim Hussein
Asst.Prof.Didem Kıvanç Türeli


The increasing demand in wireless communications for enhanced spectral efficiency (SE) and throughput makes massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) a great choice for meeting those demands by using a vast set of antennas. Despite the advantages of massive MIMO, to implement such systems comes with a huge price tag and consumes a lot of power. Hybrid beamforming (HBF) architecture has drawn considerable attention in the past few years, by significantly decreasing the amount of employed radio frequency (RF) chains and combining high dimensional analog beamforming (ABF) using phase shifters (PS) together with low dimensional digital beamforming (DBF). However, because of the extreme energy consumption and hardware complexity, traditional precoding designs are difficult to implement. In this paper, two HBF techniques are proposed to address the above issue. (i) low complexity precoding known as phased zero forcing (PZF) precoding, which controls phase only in the RF domain (ii) singular value decomposition (SVD) based optimal unconstrained precoding, that can be implemented on inexpensive RF components.

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Hussein, A. A., & Kıvanç Türeli, D. . (2023). Hybrid Beamforming for Multi User Massive MIMO Systems . Orclever Proceedings of Research and Development, 2(1), 50–58. https://doi.org/10.56038/oprd.v2i1.246


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