There are 4 main processes in The European Journal of Research and Development.
These are Submission, Copyediting, and Production and Publishing Processes.
The required information is stated below:

Submission Process

- Manuscript for the first submission in MS Word format is uploaded to the journal review system by the author.
- After this process, manuscript appears in submission section.
- The manuscript format is controlled by the journal.
- The similarity ratio of the manuscript is controlled by the journal.
- If the similarity ratio is more than 20%, it is informed to the author and the revision and is requested within 3 weeks. If the manuscript that is not reloaded within 3 weeks is rejected.
-English language of the manuscript is controlled by journal.
- If the manuscript that has low level of English language is informed to the author and the revision is requested within 3 weeks. Otherwise, the manuscript is rejected.
-The manuscript which satisfies the first submission format and similarity ratio requirements and has sufficient language level will proceed to the review process.

Review Process

- The European Journal of Research and Development is a single-blind peer review international journal.
- Associate Editor is assigned by Editor in Chief.
- 3 referees are assigned to the manuscript by Associate Editor. Referees cannot be assigned same institution of the author(s).
- The maximum time for the finalization of the manuscript is determined to be 3 months. Associate editors must be sensitive to the issue.
-Decision of the review procedure may be rejection, acceptance or revision.
- If the rejection decision is given, the process is terminated and the manuscript is rejected.
- If the revision decision is given, it is requested that the author make revisions within 1 month in accordance with referees’ opinions. The manuscript is rejected if the author does not respond within 1 month. All revisions the author made must be marked with yellow highlight.
- If the acceptance decision is given, the editing process is initiated.

Copyediting Process

- Copyeditor check the latest format of article.
- If the required information for manuscript is properly obtained from the author, the manuscript is sent to Production and Publishing Process. If the author does not meet requirements, the manuscript is not published in that issue.

Production and Publishing Process

- With the completion of the Copyediting stage, the submission now moves to Production.
- From here, the copyedited files will be converted to publishable formats in the form of galley files (e.g., PDF, HTML) for publishing.
- A new journal issue will be created and the article will be scheduled for publication in the issue.