An Evaluation of Radiation Performances of Various Aperture and Horn Antennas over Sea Surface

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Doaa Salim Mohammed Musa
Ramazan Daşbaşı
Burak Polat


Directional Currents Method (DCM) is applied to various aperture and horn antennas including rectangular aperture antenna, circular aperture antenna, dielectric loaded rectangular aperture antenna and E- and H-plane sectoral horn antennas to investigate their radiation performances analytically over sea surface in microwave bands. First, the expressions of the hypothetical directional currents of these antennas are derived in free space and the total radiation patterns are generated by MATLABTM. Then, the same antennas are simulated by the commercial electromagnetic simulation software CSTTM and compared to check the parametric accuracy of DCM numerically. In the second step, these directional currents are employed in deriving the analytical radiation fields of the antennas under investigation over sea surface by incorporating Green’s functions based on Norton’s formulation. This is followed by CSTTM simulations to observe the parametric accuracy of DCM expressions for microwave radiation over sea surface.


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Musa, D. S. M. ., Daşbaşı, R., & Polat, B. (2022). An Evaluation of Radiation Performances of Various Aperture and Horn Antennas over Sea Surface. The European Journal of Research and Development, 2(2), 429–444.


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