Physical Optics Scattering by A PEC Missile in Uniform Rectilinear Motion

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Abdullah Noor
Ramazan Daşbaşı
Burak Polat


Electromagnetic scattering by a perfect electric conductor (PEC) missile in uniform rectilinear motion is formulated and computed in X-band under the physical optics (PO) approximation. The missile dimensions are picked as 80 [cm] in length and 6.6 [cm] in radius as adapted from the well-known Soviet M-13 missile. We adopt a canonical structure simulated by a cylindrical body, an ellipsoid nose, and four planar tail fins. The surface of the missile is meshed using triangular facets. First, the formulation and computations are carried out for a stationary missile in MATLABTM and compared to simulations by the commercial full-wave simulator CSTTM. Good agreements that reveal the validity of PO formulation are observed. Finally, PO formulation and numerical results for a missile in uniform rectilinear motion are provided and discussed. These simulations are based on the principle of superposition of the formulas developed recently for scattering by a moving PEC flat plate.


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Noor, A., Daşbaşı, R., & Polat, B. (2022). Physical Optics Scattering by A PEC Missile in Uniform Rectilinear Motion. The European Journal of Research and Development, 2(2), 421–428.


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