Roadmaps to Foster Urban Food System Transitions: Multi-level Implementations in Nilüfer, Turkey

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Emel Karakaya Ayalp
Mehmet Can Yılmaz
Feral Geçer Sargın
Gonca Akgül Mahrebel


The ongoing crisis has shown that incumbent food system has been facing challenges. For a resilient and sustainable food system, transitions which shift towards sustainability, attention to  public health and wellbeing as well as inclusiveness is compulsory. To overcome these challenges, driving a stepwise policy transformation, responsive and adaptive policy mixes and addressing citizens to drive sustainability are pivotal. This article represents two roadmaps which are designated for Nilüfer, Bursa. The roadmaps aim at including policy headlines/priorities as well as local needs and plural variations of collectivity to ensure a sustainable food system transition. The roadmaps are composed of two scalar levels one of which is macro-level; Nilüfer Food Policy Roadmap while the other is micro-level; Nilüfer Living Lab Roadmap


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Karakaya Ayalp, E., Yılmaz, M. C., Geçer Sargın, F., Kuban, B., & Akgül Mahrebel, G. . (2022). Roadmaps to Foster Urban Food System Transitions: Multi-level Implementations in Nilüfer, Turkey. The European Journal of Research and Development, 2(2), 400–410.


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