Elastic-Plastic Stress Analysis of Steel Fiber Reinforced Composite Plates Under Axial Load

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Emre Yılmaz


Composite materials, obtained by combining two or more materials; It is defined as a new type of material with high strength, high rigidity and lightness. Composite plates are structural elements that are used in machines and structures under different loads, consist of at least two types of materials and can be produced in various constructions. In this study, elastic-plastic stress analysis of polymer matrix continuous fiber reinforced composite plate under axial load was solved with Airy Stress Function proposed as a 5th order non-uniform polynomial to solve the elasticity problem. Polyethylene matrix composite reinforced with steel fibers was taken as the plate material and the material was accepted as ideal elastic-plastic. Tsai-Hill Yield Criterion was used for the plastic solution. According to the results of the analysis, as the fiber angle increased in the composite plate, the plastic stress limit decreased, the increase in the fiber angle decreased the plastic stress limit, and the decrease in the plastic stress limit caused the residual stresses to increase.


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Yılmaz, E. (2022). Elastic-Plastic Stress Analysis of Steel Fiber Reinforced Composite Plates Under Axial Load. The European Journal of Research and Development, 2(2), 34–44. https://doi.org/10.56038/ejrnd.v2i2.25


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