The European Journal of Research and Development (EJRnD) is a specialized, scientific and peer-reviewed journal that is published online two times in a year. The journal accepts articles only through the journal online system provided by Orclever. Authors can submit their publications in only English Language from 2022. They can follow the publication process through the online system.  EJRnD is useful to researchers, engineers, scientists, R&D professionals, and students who are interested in keeping a track of original research and development work being carried out in the broad area of engineering topics and natural science topics. “The European Journal of Research and Development” is a single-blind peer review international journal.

Vol. 2 No. 2 (2022): The European Journal of Research and Development

Published: 07.06.2022

Liveness control in face recognition with deep learning methods

Nader Ebrahimpour, Mustafa Arda Ayden, Banu Altay

92 - 101

Examination of The Core as A Rigidity Center in High-Rise Buildings

Neslişah Mamati, Ali Osman Kuruşcu, Ali Rıza Parsa

190 - 212

Change Impact Analysis Case Study for Aviation: Mutation Testing

Nurbanu Hınık, Özcan Çağırıcı, Ufuk Sakarya

213 - 223

A Research on the Use of Machine Learning on Building Facades

Ezgi Günay, Seher Güzelçoban Mayuk

224 - 240

Sale Prediction in Textile Industry with Hybrid Deep Learning Using Time Series Images

Mehmet Ali Balcı, Ömer Akgüller, Duygu Yavuzkasap Ayakta, Aysu İldeniz

301 - 314

Embedding of Regional Adjacency Graph in Textile Image Classification with Deep Learning Application

Ömer Akgüller, Mehmet Ali Balcı, Aysu İldeniz, Duygu Yavuzkasap Ayakta

315 - 328

Roadmaps to Foster Urban Food System Transitions: Multi-level Implementations in Nilüfer, Turkey

Emel Karakaya Ayalp, Mehmet Can Yılmaz, Feral Geçer Sargın, Baha Kuban, Gonca Akgül Mahrebel

400 - 410

A CNN Based Ensemble Approach for Malfunction Detection from Machine Sounds

Esra Akca, Tayfun Özçay, Yasin Dinç, Nermin Yalçı, Semra Erpolat Taşabat, Mehmet Ali Varol, Berk Kayı, Melih Yılmaz Öğütcen, Berk Öztürk

411 - 420

Physical Optics Scattering by A PEC Missile in Uniform Rectilinear Motion

Abdullah Noor, Ramazan Daşbaşı, Burak Polat

421 - 428

Preamble-Based Symbol Timing Algorithms in OFDM Systems

Kemal Yağlı, Sultan Aldırmaz Çolak

445 - 458

Finite Element Analysis of Electromagnetic Clutch

Memet Özdemir, Selim Hartomacıoğlu

475 - 490

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